Raise The Roof

Operated by Eagle County Historical Society

Housed in an 1899, the former dairy barn, the Eagle County Historical Society Museum is a county gem. Volunteers worked for 11 years to move the aging structure to a public park in Eagle and transform it into treasure trove of local history. Exhibits inside the barn, opened seasonally since 1991, reveal the history of Eagle County from the time of Ute occupation to the development of the Vail ski resort. Over 1,500 artifacts are contained in the building. The museum draws 6,000 – 10,000 visitors annually.

Like any old building, the barn requires maintenance. The shake shingle roof, dating to 1986, must be replaced.  A new metal roof would be the most effective, long-term solution. The building also needs painted. Cost estimates are running in the range of $60,000, which would consume the Historical Society’s entire budget. The ECHS is seeking financial help through grants, and donations from individuals and businesses. Please consider contributing to the preservation of local history.

  • Barn line drawing, circa 1985

  • Forty kids at museum

  • Museum barn move 1984

  • Museum front view today

  • Wolverton Ranch with barn, circa 1940s

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